Cutting my out when trying to connect wires


I am trying to add a switch to change blocks to TNT but before i can add the wires it says i am connected and shuts the diagram out then when i try to put the wires in the switch won’t work. I been trying to figure it out for 9 days but still wont work. :triumph:

TNT switch setup

Can you detail exactly how you are building the circuit? like

  1. I plug the switch into the breadboard
  2. I…


I place the wire into the raspberry PI chip and connect it to the breadboard then I am suppose to add a switch but before I place the switch it say wow look at that flow and then goes on and then when i just put in the switch it does not work. the actual circuit is…
1.)I plug new wires into the raspberry chip
2.)I connect the two wires into the bread board
3.)IM suppose to place the switch into breadboard

Also it does not show led light i put in for the treasure hunt also. :confused::confused:


Hi @Regina47,

Couple things:

  1. You can always right-click a crafting table to go back into piping mode to take another look at the wiring. You then jump 3x to exit back.
  2. In the TNT level, the button is (optionally) replaced with a switch so that you no longer have to hold the button down to turn any block into TNT. This also means that no new wires are needed. Also note that the switch has 3 pins, but only two of them receive wires. You can walk around in piping mode to get a better look.

Thanks and please keep us posted!

  • Jordan


Hi @Regina47,
Take a look at this picture in the breadboard thread. In this picture, the wires are plugged into rows 8 and 9 from the left while the switch is lined up with rows 7,8 and 9. This numbering isn’t a hard and fast rule, it’s just for this picture, many breadboards use letters for rows and the way the board is turned in this picture, the rows look like columns. Hope that last part isn’t as confusing as it sounds now that I’ve reread it!

I wonder if you have plugged both wires into the same row. That would short them same as the switch would. Also note the position of the sliding part of the switch. It’s in the off position for where the wires are plugged in and what would be the on position if there was a wire plugged into row 7. In other words, the slider connects the 2 leads directly under it.