Controller buttons not staying seated


Hello everyone, my little girl took to the Piper Minecraft like a fish to water!

We’re having a wee bit of an issue with the controller buttons not staying seating in the breadboard.

Is there some clue I’m missing about how to get them to stay seated?


Try taking a set of needle nose pliers and straighteninig the legs and see if that will help


Kinda already have done that.

I’m not used to buying hardware bits. Are there better buttons I could buy? I can see this little computer is going to get a lot of use. :slight_smile:


You could try these:
but if you look at them, they look a lot like the ones that come with the kit.

If you want a solid controler do a google search ‘rpi build a controler’ and take a look what people have done.

If I decided to make the buttons permanent, I’d probably get a blank PCB board and solder the switches to it and solder one end ot the wire to it.


Chloe’s a bit frustrated that the “jump” button isn’t as responsive as a person could want - needs extra presses for it to register.

And I find the buttons tend to pop out of the board.

I’m sure I can figure something out. It’s just a matter of making time to figure it out.


Hahaha! I say that all the time. When ever sI start to make progress cleaning my desk, three members of the family come to me with things that are broken and I end up further behind then when I started. I feel like every time I take one step up the hill, I slide back two. (grin)