Control buttons falling out

How can we keep the button from falling out, it is extremely frustrating. Super glue?


What happens if you push a wire into the holes that the button is in (try all four points. Does it feel tight or loose?

If you put the button in a different location, does it feel secure?

Are all the pins on the button relatively straight - i.e. have any been folded in?

One thing you can try is to use a pair of needle nose pliers to straighten the pins a bit and see if that helps.


I actually figured it out. Didn’t realize you must use some force pushing them down. I was worried I would bend the tabs. Anyway took it back apart and installed the button out of the wooden box, using the tip of a flathead to ensure they were properly down and I kinda superglued them in place, they’re not going anywhere now. Note; glue probably wasn’t needed, but I like the added insurance.

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Same for me I have the same issue.