Connecting to MIcrosoft Live


Ok, our Piper kit is here, I’ve been testing the Pi parts (without assembling the rest) to make sure it’s all ready to go when I see my daughter in a few days.

One of the first things she’ll ask is if it will connect with her Minecraft account that she uses on her mom’s tablet.

As far as I can tell, the rPi minecraft edition shipped with the Piper probably won’t do that. I have seen some instructions for down the road, getting the latest Minecraft to run on rPi… But what about connecting to Xbox Live?

Haven’t so far found anything on Google, which may mean it currently can’t be done.

Thanks for any clues!


Hi, the version of minecraft that runs on the pi is very very old. It is a version that existed before Microsoft bought minecraft. So no it won’t connect to online minecraft.

There are some things you can do, bt I would suggest getting another SD card and flash it with the latest Raspbian from the foundation ( and playing with it there.

That way when you want to see what you can do about loading a newer version, you pull the Piper SD card out, stick the new on in and if you mess up something, your daughter can still use Piper by putting that SD card back in…


That’s pretty much what I was figuring. I have two older rPi’s and a stack of SD cards to experiment with.

I’ll have to do some more research.