Colored screen after update


Hi, my kids tried to update the software as suggested by the program itself. However the update took too long and the battery died (it was practically full). When we restarted it, the screen was in 4 colors and nothing else appears. I have attached a photo. What can we do to make it work again?! Thanks


Oh no the battery died while doing the update…sigh.

I think the SD card has become corrupted :open_mouth:.

When did you get your Piper? If it was recently, send an email to hi@playpiper and let them know what has happened.

If you have a SD card reader, you can reflash the SD card yourself, or better yet, have your kids do it learn how to fix the problem

You can download the latest image at

In my experience, downloading and flashing the immage is quicker than running the update because of the size of the update. Not only is the Piper code being updated but the operating system is too.


Thank you! I will try this and see what happens!


I just got work from the Piper guys and they said send them in a email and they will fix this.


An email to I have just done so! Thanks!! My kids are so worried, my brother gave them this amazing present and they are feeling so bad that it has ‘broken’!


It’s not broken, the SD card became corrupted AND this is their first lesson: Don’t let the battery drain to shutoff point while playing.
Second Lesson: Never, never shut off the pi by shutting off the battery. Go thru the shutdown procedure and then wait 30 seconds before unplugging the battery. This will prevent the SD card from becoming corrupted.
Third lesson: Always backup youur system before updating.

I’d suggest you buy another 16 GB SD card (I like the Samsung EVO 16GB microSDHC UHS-I card - I have no affilation with Samsung) and an SD card reader so the kids and you can make a backup of the SD card.

Have them read the section SD card copier at this link (you may need to help them) and backup the SD card when you get the one from Piper.

See lots of learning opportunities :grin: