Close minecraft


Once I’m in minecraft. The mouse will not allow me to close program using the x in the right hand corner. Please advise


Do you meanwhile in piper? Or the regular Minecraft?


I’m not sure. Could you tell me for each one of it is different, please. I can only look around with the mouse. It won’t allow me to click on the x and close the window.
Thank you


Also, How do you move in minecraft? My buttons don’t seem to be working.
Thank you!


The Piper version of Minecraft starts when you boot the Pi. If you go to the main Menu, at the top right you should see a button (red circle with a line thru it). If you push it you will get the option to exit to the desktop, reboot or shutdown the Pi.

If you perviously exited Piper and from the Raspberry menu, went to games and ran ‘Minecraft Pi’, you need a USB keyboard attached to the Pi to move. To exit, hit teh ESC key and press teh close box on the window.


I’m running into the same problem, I can’t escape the game or move just using a mouse. Even with a keyboard peripheral, there’s no way to move in any direction.


You can use the middle mouse button to access the in game heads up display, which has a button in the right-hand side for exiting the game.

Post a picture of your Raspberry Pi pin setup for help troubleshooting not being able to move.


We had the same problem 3 days ago, and it was so stuck that even the scroll mouse button wouldn’t have any effect on the exit procedure (I could see the menu, but it seemed like frozen) and no “esc” or other known shortcut were working. I went to Minecraft and raspberry forums and found the " alt + tab " solution (on a keyboard which didn’t have any F4 key) helpful to exit the game and go back to the main raspbian desktop: it was better than unplugging the Pi, for sure !

Hope it helps !