Charging cable defective?


My son received Piper for Christmas and loves it. However, he is having trouble charging the battery. After trying to charge the battery overnight for two consecutive nights (and most of the day yesterday), it was only showing a 25% charge. He would try to play the game and the battery would die after only a couple of minutes. We found another USB cable and now the battery appears to be charging better, but once the short green cable is plugged into the battery, the power level of the battery immediately drops.

I appreciate any help you can offer!


It sounds like the battery might be bad. How many green lights are showing on the battery when you charge it?


Once I used a different USB cable, the battery charged completely (4 green lights) and my son is playing the game again.


Hi @MEM,

Thanks for the update! I’ll send you a separate message with instructions on how to get a replacement cable.

  • Jordan