Charger is not working!


Just played fine for one day and next day when to turn on by pushing the button on green pack, nothing happened. Can’t turn on the computer! I kept the charger cable attached, so I am sure not because of low battery. And the charger level indicator is not on even the charger cable is attached! What went wrong? Help!


Hi @Grace,

If remove all cables from the battery and press the button, how many green indicator lights do you see on? When you say you kept the charger cable attached, did you charge the battery overnight by plugging the battery with cable into an external USB power source (i.e., another computer or wall adapater used for charging a phone)?


  • Jordan


I tried my other phone charger cable and now worked. Thank you.
Funny is the previous cable working fine with the speaker so thought the green pack was fully charged too after attached on all night long. Turned out the cable doesn’t work with the green pack and did not charge at all.