Chain Reaction glitch?

I’m using the new Piper 2 kitsI. 'm in Chain reaction trying to open the info box floating above the blue table. chain%20reaction|640x480 I’m having no luck and could use some input. I don’t seem to ahve any sound either (the volume is up enough) Thanks for any help you can give.

did you try hitting it with both mouse buttons - ie try right clicking it and left clicking it.
I check on the volume issue tomorrow morning (it’s 9:15PM where I am.)

  1. what version of Piper are you running? - from the main menu, click the GEAR icon and at the bottom left - in small a small font - you will see the version number
  2. do you hear sound from the intro movie?
  3. do you see text at the top of the screen?
  4. if you left click (hold down the left mouse button) does the info box momentarly disapear and then reappear?
  5. right clicking the info box doesn’t cause the text at the top of the screen to show “(PIP) You can activate the closest TNT block from this location. LEFT-CLICK the TNT block to see what happens.”
  6. if you click on the dynamite does it explode? (no sound effects for the explosion - though I wish there was)
  1. I’m running 2.4.1
  2. Yes, I hear sound from the intro movie
    3.Yes, I see text at the top of the screen
  3. Yes, it momentarily disappears
  4. Yes, I did see the text
    6.OK no sound for the explosion.
    Thanks for all the info!
    I went back and did Treasure Hunt after referring to the teacher’s guide where they had placed TH before Chain Reaction and that seemed to clear things up.
    But I continue to wonder if there is a sound issue because after the first video that describes the Raspberry Pi and sends it thru the digitizer (all narrated). the subsequent videos don’t have a narration.
    Thanks again for all the help.
    I will be checking for updates and making sure I have the latest,

The only sound is in the opening video describing things (and I think in the final scene) after that there isn’t any - no boom’s when the dynamite goes off, This is one thing I’ve been saying they need since Piper first came out. Even the portals should have a funkey space sound as you travel thru it.

latest version is 2.4.5 aand they are testing 2.5.0 (bug fix and rewrite of some code)