Can't load planet


I have not been able to find out how to open up planets in Creative Mode once I have used them and turned off the computer. How do I open up planets that I have begun to work on but have not finished?


How do you turn the computer off?
do you exit out of creative mode before turning the computer off?


i hit the power button to turn it off. and no i do not exit creative mode when i turn it off. am i supposed to


Yeah you should exit gracefully. When you just ‘pull the plug’ you run the risk of corrupting the SD card or any file that you are working on.

It is possible that the world you were working on has had it’s data File corrupted which is why you can’t get back into it.

I’ll send a note to the Pier guys to see if one of them can tell you (1) if you can recover the file or (2) how to remove the file so you can open that world again.


Paul is right. You should NEVER just turn off the battery when you’re done playing with the Piper. It can corrupt your Pi’s SD Card.