Can't enter wifi password into virtual keyboard



My daughter and I just assembled the Piper computer (and had a great time doing it!).

Unfortunately, we are running into an issue while trying to connect to the wifi network so we can update the software.

The left mouse button doesn’t do anything. We can hover over the wifi icon or Update button on the main menu, and press in the scroll wheel, and that will get us into the wifi network setup.

We can select the wifi network (again, by pressing in the scroll wheel), but then we are unable to input the password. Pressing the scroll wheel doesn’t do anything when hovering over the letters in the popup keyboard.

Is this expected behavior? How do we input our wifi password?

Clicking on the gear icon says that our software version is 2.0.2.

Thank you!


Do you have a USB keyboard you can connect to the Pi? if so you could exit Piper and go to the desktoy and select the WiFi symbol in the top menu bar and try entering it there.


Hi Paul. Your reply made me wonder about the mouse. I used the mouse from my desktop computer instead, and sure enough, it works perfectly. I can now left-click on things, and can use the virtual keyboard to enter my wifi password. I’ll try and contact support to get the mouse replaced. Thanks for your reply!