Can I get it to 800 x 480 resolution?


Jordan got me to 848x480 resolution again. But can I get it to the actual resolution of the screen? So it is 848 x 480 but can it be 800 x 480? Because some of the other games weren’t working that well because I couldn’t see the whole screen. And I had to plug my piper into my tv when I couldn’t see the apply button when I was setting up e-mail? Please give me a answer!



The screens true resolution is 848x480.


Than why can’t I see everything on the screen?


I also see that the box says 800 x 480


Which other games?



The raspian ones. And I had to attach the piper to the tv to email people because I couldn’t see the apply button. One of the other games was the python games. I couldn’t see all the blocks in Tetris.



Here’s a trick: if you have a keyboard, you can hold alt + left click + drag the window around. Some windows can also be resized in a similar way with alt + right click + drag.

Without a keyboard, try right clicking on the window decoration at the top and click move. That’ll allow you to drag it and see the parts that are out of bounds.

Sadly, not all software is written to support the entire range of resolutions users have. We’ve done our best with Piper.



Ok thanks for helping me.