Calling functions in simon project using Block language

I am trying to do the “simon” program in the piper code section.

My first problem is how to call the function recordFunctionPresses. Even with a magnifier, the text is so small it gets pixelated. I even tried going to python and writing the function call inside the while loop, but the function was never called. I was hoping to see the block used for the call when I returned to the Block language, but the changes were deleted when I left python. :frowning:

So my questions are: 1) How do I call a function in Blocks, and 2) is there a way to zoom the contents of the screen? Any help would be appreciated.

Once I get Piper to display on my windows machine (using MobaXterm server) I think the screen size won’t be an issue. Has anyone successfully displayed piper on an Xserver on windows?

I am using a 2016 Piper with the 2,4,5b78 software that I downloaded.

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  1. did you get to step 11?

  2. In the project sidebar when you see the code example, there is a 4 arrow icon in the upper right. Clicking that will expand the code example to (almost) full screen. In the coding area - at the top right of the white section you will see three light grey circles - one with a dot, one wth a plus sign and one with a minus sign. They will resize and center your code.

Hope that answers your questions


Thank You for your reply. I did get to step 11; that is where I have problems reading the code. Even clicking the four arrow icon doesn’t help much. It looks like they are using a print statement to call the function. I was looking for a “call” block, but this makes sense.

I didn’t know about clicking the project tab to shrink the project page. Now I can see the 3 grey circles, and have a lot more room to program in. I wish there was a user manual for the editor. It took me a while to understand what the step/speed buttons were for. Now I can watch my program step through the blocks.

It also took me a while to understand the electronics diagram, and that it turned the active pins yellow when I pushed the attached button.

Oh, and where did the sleep block that we had in the earlier projects, go. I thought it was in the “chip” section, but now I can’t find it.

Thanks again. That did answer these questions, but there are more to come. :slight_smile:


Wavelet, The projects just give you the blocks that you need to use in each project. This way you are not wasting a bunch of time searching for things. Hopefully after you complete all the projects you will have an idea of where thnigs are and all the blocks will be avaliable.