Cable inventory OR am I missing something?


Is there a list of what cables should be included? We’ve arrived at Section 5, step B and cable 7 is a puzzler- it seems to need a 4 pin female rectangular plug at one end and a USB at the other. All I have is 20 breadboard jumpers, 2 HDMI cables and a mini USB to standard USB. Am I missing something, and if so what is it called? Thanks!


The mystery cable you describe is the power cable for the screen. Sounds like you got 2x HDMI instead of 1 power and 1 HDMI. Let the good folks at Piper know - seems like they will be shipping out missing parts next week.


I believe this is the type of cable I’m missing:

Whoops- make that a male USB plug.Can anyone confirm or deny this?


It does look like that except you do want a male USB and instead of a female header, it has a different style plug.

The LCD is readily available, search for at070tn92.



hey guys we will be sending replacement parts in the first week of January if you want to wait.


@pebbleworm shoot me an email ( with your address so I can send you the wire and get you started!


Here is a new Inventory Checklist - Inventory Checklist


We received two USBs but no HDMI. Maybe they got our kits mixed up!


You should have received 3 cables:

  • a long cable with a USB plug and a small White connector at the end (this powers the screen)
  • a short USB to micro USB (connect from the battery to the Pi)
  • an HDMI to HDMI cable. (connects screen to the Pi)

I’ve sent a message to the piper guys and you should hear from them soon.


Actually you should be able to contact them yourself. See this thread