Buzzer wiring problems


My grandson’s having problems getting the buzzer to work. Any wiring suggestions or other tips? Thanks!


I would suggest taking a set of pliers and straightening the metal feet of the buzzer to make sure it sticks into the bread board.


@Tommyg please note that the piezo buzzer has a polarity. If you look at the below image of a buzzer you will notice that the label (which you have to remove) is marked with a “+” near one of the connections.

Also, when the label has been removed, you will notice a “+” in the plastic.

This pin has to receive the positive end of the signal. It might be that you have to turn the buzzer 180 degrees to switch which pin is connected to which wire to make it work.


Hi @Tommyg,
What @mgd says is spot on. See this thread for a picture showing how to test the buzzer.



Thanks, all. My grandson’s in Boston so I’ll get this info to him and let y’all know how it goes.