Buttons Stopped Working


My son has been playing his Piper computer since Christmas and loves. It. We successfully set up all of the buttons but now, they don’t do anything. The sound stopped working about a week after Christmas and we cant figure out how to charge the speaker. And now since the most recent update, when Piper turns on it no longer automatically loads Minecraft. It takes him to a desktop screen where we have to choose Minecraft from the menu, and Minecraft will only play half the size of the screen. Help!



Sorry to hear! To help us diagnose the problem, could you please do the following:

  1. Open a terminal window (Menu --> Accessories --> Terminal)
  2. Using a USB-keyboard (or virtual keyboard - Menu --> Accessories --> Keyboard) , type: “cd piper && sudo python start.py
  3. Send a screenshot of the terminal lines/output


  • Jordan


We’re having the same issues with the buttons. I ran the diagnosis … here’s a screenshot of the result. What should we try next?


To get back to the story mode, you go to the menu, and scroll to ‘games’ then it should list ‘piper’, with an icon that looks like a wrench. if you want to play on ‘minecraft pi edition’, you must connect a keyboard to the USB port and use the w,a,s,d controls.


Hi @stewboss

I would try the following. Are you able to get into the game at all?

  1. Launch terminal via the taskbar or the raspberry menu
  2. cd piper [enter]
  3. mv creations …/Desktop
  4. sudo git clean -df
  5. sudo git reset --hard
  6. sudo git pull
    6a. Username: Piperguest
    6b. Password: PlayPiper36

@Jessicagordon was your issue fixed?