Breadboard Bluffs Help

Hello, I am a kinda new joiner to piper. I was stuck on the level Breadboard Bluffs and I wanted to help you with it. So, for the first part you need to connect the wires correctly. Start by removing the glass and replacing with the color of the blocks of the rest of the wire, do that for all of the wires. Next you go into the giant toaster. Connect the wires like before, then walk out of the toaster. Next, there’s a golden toaster. Now, this is the part I was stuck on. Listen closely, the wires that are not fully built yet, you need to copy the way you fixed the last toaster like this, image do that to all of wires on both sides and you are done! If I missed something or it didn’t work out for you then please tell me in the reply’s below, I will try to help you if I can. Bye!

Hi DinoLadu! My grandson, age 8, is actually building his Piper and I’m just helping. Your description of what to do is helpful! I just have a question, because he has been stuck here for a while. Do you have to replace those blocks in a certain order?

He was able to get all but the middle two coils to work. After reading your post, he said I could try it out again. I got all but the middle ONE coil to work. So it seems maybe doing them in a certain order might be what he needs to do. Is that true? Thanks! :slight_smile:

the order of replacing the blocks does NOT matter. Make sure to look at the lower level for blocks to replace.

If you can’t get it to work, and you take a couple pitures of the area it is not lit up, and post them.

Paul, thank you for the info and suggestion. Next time my grandson is ready to try again, I will use the help to help him! :smiley: