Bow not shooting


In creative mode < create planet, the bow won’t shoot. Any idea why?


Hi @KingOfAces2000,

This is an issue with the Raspberry Pi version of Minecraft, and not due to Piper.

Via the Minecraft wiki:

“A bow is also available, but when used, the player will hold the bow back indefinitely until the player selects another item or logs off.”


Hallo John,

Thank you for reaching out. We have experienced a few bugs:

  1. The screen is cut off on the right side in Story Mode and isn’t fixed by changing the screen geometry in settings nor restarting.
  2. In lesson: Beat the buzzer there is missing plug and play programing code “Disp. w/ Lights”
  3. My son says he’s has “done everything” to program. Looks like about a dozen lessons or so. Is there more to download somewhere?


For item 2 see: Beat the Buzzer.... coding question