Both kids finished story mode - want more


I got 2 Pipers for my 2 kids (9 and 13) for Christmas. They loved it. Note the past tense. Finished story mode in under 3 days. Which is awesome. But now they want more…

I don’t have the time to put together a Raspberry Pi curriculum for them…

Are there further stories/challenges/etc that are available from Piper, ready to use, without my having to develop a course?

I thought I read a review on Amazon that said something similar, and that Piper came through with some new things for the purchaser to do…

Please let me know…



If you have upgraded to v 2.0.2 you should see PiperCode as an option where they can make devices and program them.
Also take a look at to see other thngs you can do with the Pi.

Have they gone to the desktop and looked at Scratch or Sonic Pi?


How can we get to Scratch of Sonic Pi? We can’t not access the desktop.



From the Piper main menu select the power off icon. A drop down will appear and one item is ‘Exit to Desktop’