Both kids finished story mode - want more


I got 2 Pipers for my 2 kids (9 and 13) for Christmas. They loved it. Note the past tense. Finished story mode in under 3 days. Which is awesome. But now they want more…

I don’t have the time to put together a Raspberry Pi curriculum for them…

Are there further stories/challenges/etc that are available from Piper, ready to use, without my having to develop a course?

I thought I read a review on Amazon that said something similar, and that Piper came through with some new things for the purchaser to do…

Please let me know…



If you have upgraded to v 2.0.2 you should see PiperCode as an option where they can make devices and program them.
Also take a look at to see other thngs you can do with the Pi.

Have they gone to the desktop and looked at Scratch or Sonic Pi?


Hi @ryanmeegan,

The v2.2.0 update has PiperCode and our multiplayer experience PiperNet.


  • Jordan