Boot to desktop then slow load


Following our first use of the wifi to load a new level, our Piper is now booting to desktop. It then loads the game, but very slowly…like 10 minutes slow. Game works normally once loaded. I’ve tried the hard reset and other fixes suggested elsewhere, and the only change is that I’ve relocked the levels the kids had finished! Time for a fresh SD card?


Well, I made some progress. If I disable the internet connection, it boots right up into game mode. Ideas for a permanent fix?


Try entering your WiFi info in teh spa_supplicant.conf - see this thread

The Pi might be trying to connect to your router and this will make it easier.



We got the piper for Xmas and assembled and got it running. We also ran an update. All was good. Made it through a few levels.

Now, starting up again the Loading… screen shows up for at least 5 minutes before the game starts. CPU is nearly 0% through that time. I re

I tired another update. The updating please wait… message stays up with no visible progress. It is still “running”. If something eventually happens, I’ll post that.

Why is the load taking so long? Why isn’t update responsive?

Side note: annoying that I need to hunt down my own charger for the speaker. I realize you’ve since fixed the missing cable, but not useful to us.

This seems… fragile.

I can’t figure out what version I’m running.
Internet connectivity works… I can run the browser.

I’d rather a real piece of pie at this point. My son has left me to fix it.

-Mr. IT support with yet another computer to keep working