Bluetooth doesn’t exist


I wanted to use a Bluetooth speaker with my piper. When I was reading the specs of piper I saw that it said it had Bluetooth. But I cannot find a button to turn on the Bluetooth.


FYI, I did try to connect a Bluetooth speaker. So that I had to first exit the game to interact with Rasperry pi OS directly, where I could find bluetooth config tool. And there I could find my speaker. But I could not pair successfully … ! So that is half helpful to you, but at least you should take away that the computer inside the piper has Bluetooth capability.


I don’t know where config. Is


I have the same problem. I can’t find bluetooth.


If you exit out of piper to the desktop, you should see a Bluetooth icon in the upper right of the screen.

Note, this will only show up on a Pi 3, the older versions of the Pi did not have Bluetooth.

Once you click the icon, you will see several options to use.

Note: not all Bluetooth devices will work with a pi. If you are having problems you can go to the forums at for help


Just saying, I moved the taskbar to the bottom of the screen. I have a Raspberry Pi 3, but I don’t see a bluetooth icon.


I can’t explain how it got removed, but on a fresh Piper updated to V2.2.0 it is there.

At any rate, if you go to the Menu > Preferences and select Bluetooth Manager you should be able to access the Bluetooth controls


and if you want to dig in further with bluetooth audio, this link might help - make sure to read the comments too.


Never mind, I got the bluetooth icon to display. But one problem. It won’t detect my bluetooth adapter. It says “No bluetooth adapter found.”. Can you help me?


Go to the desktop and open a terminal window and type: groups pi

If it doesn’t list ‘bluetooth’ as a group then the pi user can’t turn it on so you will have to add ‘pi’ to the bluetooth group. To do this type: sudo adduser pi bluetooth

Then I would reboot and see if you can find the adapter.

Be warned, you still might not get it all working. There are problems with bluetooth and the ‘Jessie’ distribution of ‘Raspbian’ (Raspbian is the OS and ‘Jessie’ is the version) and currently, Piper won’t work completely with the latest version of Raspbian i.e. ‘Stretch’

Also, make a backup of your SD card before you go mucking around so if you do something by accident (like I have many times) you have a fall back point.

You can install the Pi SD Card Copier. You will need a SD card writer and a second SD card that is at least the size of your current card or bigger. Attach a USB keyboard to the Pi and

  1. exit Piper and open a terminal window
  2. type: sudo apt-get update - and press enter (or return depending on your keyboard)
  3. type: sudo apt-get upgrade -y - go get a coffee - this will take awhile
  4. type: sudo apt-get install piclone
  5. put the new SD card into the SD card writer and plug it into the Pi
  6. type piclone and follow the directions.

More details can be found in the third part of this page from the Rasberry Pi Foundation


That didn’t work. :frowning: (When I sead that it didn’t work, I meant the bluetooth, not the Pi Clone.)


Just asking, Can you use these instructions to create a new profile on a raspberry pi?


by profile do you mean new user?


Yes, @Paul. I meant new user.


When I start up the Pi, it has all these messages on the screen (This is normal). But one of them says “Failed to start Configure Bluetooth Modems Connected By UART”. I think it is a problem with the Bluetooth modem itself, not the software.


Which Pi do you have? Did you get your Piper recently?


I have a Raspberry Pi 3, and I got the Piper for Christmas in 2017.


go read post #10 in this thread.


That didn’t work. :frowning:


Well now you have learned something. Bluetooth does not work with the Jessie version of the Raspbian and Piper doesn’t work with the latest version of Raspbian i.e. ‘Stretch’ but bluetooth does.