Bluetooth connection: speaker


Hi there,

I have an issue connecting a blueto.oth speaker to the rpi. The device is correctly paired (seen in bluetoothctl and using the GUI), but it is impossible to select the speaker (by right-clicking on the icon): it says “no such file or directory”.

Do you know how I can make it work correctly ?



Bluetooth does not work with the Jessie version of the Raspbian and Piper doesn’t work with the latest version of Raspbian i.e. ‘Stretch’ but bluetooth does.

You will need to wait for the next release of Piper which will run on Stretch


Erf, that is not a good news: as what I can see in this forum, there does not seem to be a new version in the roadmap…

My daughter finished the Piper scenario / pipercode tutorials, and she is now playing with scratch. Since she has a bluetooth speaker, she wanted to connect it to the RPI… I guess my only solution to have this done is to have a raw raspbian with Stretch, and manually reinstall all the software (except from Piper…)

@jordan, @Greg, @Tommy, @Pavlyukovskyy: maybe you can give some heads up about a Stretch version ?


Actually if you flash another SD card with thelatest version from the RPI Foundation, you will have lots of software already installed - Scratch, Sonic Pi, Python and there is the new option to allow you to easily download other packages like libre Office, Wolfram Alpha, Node-RED.

And you should check out th eissues of the MagPi the monthly magazine with all sorts of articles.


Yes I already have another RaspberryPi with a standard distro of raspbian, but I would prefer to keep the Piper, since my daughter still plays with it :wink:

I will check the updates and the magazine, thanks