Blue to black screen


is bad!!!


read my reply in the other thread.


tried this – just sits at the screen with 4 raspberry’s.
any other ideas?


@Teamc99a what idea did you try? This thread is over a year old and has become messy (sigh)


The system is built correctly. The first screen shows 4 raspberrys and some script and then goes blank. Tried restarting it several times. Does not work.


Hi there, I’ve read over all these options and we still can’t get it working … except I can’t get the SD card even out to test it. …Thoughts?


Lisa, try using a pair of small tweeters -gently - to see if you can get the SD card out


Hi Chris,

Send me an email and we can help reset your SD card. You can always reburn the SD card following these instructions.




My daughter has not been able to play since Christmas due to the same problem. Today, she said “Why don’t we hook it up to the TV instead?” And it worked.

I guess the HDMI cable we have is busted. How do we go about getting a replacement?


Send an email to to see about getting a replacement.


The screen goes black after I see the 4 raspberry pi logos…


Hi @joshuamayu,

If you’ve tried the potential fixes here, then please follow the instructions also there for re-imaging your card (under #4).


  • Jordan


The microsd card does not work


Hi @joshuamayu,

Can you please provide a few more details on what isn’t working? Did you download a compressed image? If so, did you un-compress the image before re-imaging? Was the image the right size for your SD card (8GB or 16GB depending)?


  • Jordan


I tried this but it didn’t work.
I put the cables into their regular slots but I didn’t even get a blue screen.
I tried putting them into the opposite slots and I got a blue to black screen. Like I said I tried the steps you gave us but it wouldn’t work.
Plz help :pray:


P.S I am sorry I don’t know all those fancy tech words, I don’t understand what you replied to the others, plz explain.


Hi Sophia,
let me ask you some preliminary questions to help resolve your issue.

  1. when did you get your Piper?
  2. did it ever wouk?
  3. have you fully charged the battery? (if you press the power button, do you see all four leds light up?)


hmm, turns out both machines built by my relatives… the HDMI cable wasn’t plugged ALL the way on the screen side. The kids didn’t know to push it until it goes no more.