Blue to black screen


Paul, thanks for the quick reply. Doh, why didn’t I think of that. . . . maybe the holidays with three kids in the house. . . .
Switched out the Pi with all the additional components Evan had already added on and booted up just fine.
Switching out just the SD card same blue to black issue.
All cables are snug and secure.


So I’m hazy what worked
case 1
pi 1 - SD 1 = blue screen
pi 2 - SD 2 = good
pi 1 - SD 2 = ??
pi 2 - SD 1 = ??


So I’m hazy what worked
case 1
pi 1 - SD 1 = blue screen
pi 2 - SD 2 = good
pi 1 - SD 2 = ??
Same blue screen to black
pi 2 - SD 1 = ??
This I hadn’t tried. Just did and everything booted up as it should.
Does this mean bad Motherboard?


That’s what it sounds like to me. Send an email to explaining what happens


Thanks, I’ll do that.


Where do you put it so terminal can find it? Kim


Where do you put what?


We have tried all 3 of the quick fixes but were unsuccessful. There were files on the SD card but cannot figure it out. Are you shipping us a new SD card?


We had the same problem - tried the suggested fixes, including a new SD card and new image file. It took substituting the shipped pi with a pi I already had from another working project to get the piper to work.


I still have not received my replacement SD Card. How can I get that?


Hi Joe,

Just curious to know if you’ve tried downloading the OS and reimaging the supplied SD card? We will be shipping you a new card today, but I just wanted to make sure that it is indeed the card and not a problem with the Pi.


  • Jordan


It’s the SD card. Someone below posted the card wasn’t fully pushed in. It’s spring loaded. Push all the way in until it locks. Worked instantly for me. WHEW!


Just as a note: The Pi3 does not have a spring, you just push the card in till it doesn’t go in any more.


I am having the same problem. The fix never works. The 4 raspberry pi logos text never apears. The screen just stays black but the pi is connected (light is on).


are you seeing lights flash on the Pi?

Have you recently received your Pi? What version is it (see the attached image)


Try to get a new raspberry pi on amazon and put the SD card in the new raspberry pi.


We have the same issue, we have a blue and then black screen.

Extremely annoying :rage:

Paid a lot of money and then it does not work!!!


Could you try plugging the HDMI cable into a TV or monitor with an HDMI plug to see if it is the screen or the Pi.



It was the hdmi cable, it was not properly plugged in. It works great now :slight_smile:

Göran Halvarsson


I connected the monitor to the computer. And all good! It is Monitor