Blue to black screen


I am having the same issue. I even bought a SD card reader, but the card is recognized on my computer. It must be defective. How do I go about providing you with my information so you can send a new SD card to me?


Hi guys,

Sorry to report that nothing worked.
Got a spare SD, I’m downloading the Piper image but it’s taking hours so I downloaded other operating systems from the Raspberry site but Raspian nor Noobs work.
Also tried a different HDMI cable same results as before, my screen works with other devices but Raspberry don’t show on any screen.

Any other ideas?


@Pavlyukovskyy Okay, I’ve tried all 3 of these steps, and no luck. I’ve also tried hooking the raspberry pi into my own hdmi cable through to my own monitor, and there is no signal. I’m beginning to think there is something wrong with my raspberry pi unit. Before I re-burned my SD card the card was not blank. I guess once the replacement card comes in I will try again.

Are there any other steps I should try to check to see if the raspberry pi is toast?


it might be the case that your raspberry pi is out of commission. we can send you a new one with a new SD card next week. could you please email to request this?


@Pavlyukovskyy, will do. Thank you.


@Pavlyukovskyy I borrowed a Raspberry Pi and now my son is playing… I guess Original R-Pi was DOA.


I have also tried all 3 of the steps, I have burnt the content on a brand new SD card, but still only got a blue to black screen. So, the issue doesn’t seen to be with the SD card. Does that mean my raspberry pi is toast?


@vampandora -

  1. Try connection the pi to a monitor or TV via an HDMI cable and see if you see anything when you power it on. If you see stuff when you connect to a monitor - the Piper screen or the supplied cable may be bad.

  2. If you can, see if you can find someone with a PI. Ask them to test your SD card on thier PI and test your PI with their SD card.

a) their PI - their SD card = this is the control and should work
b) their PI - your SD card = the SD card has an issue
c) your PI - their SD card = probably issue with your PI
d) your pi - your SD card = probably issue with your PI

  1. if things work with their PI, connect that pi to the Piper screen and see if it works.


Try #1, connect the pi to TV and monitor via an HDMI cable, nothing when I power it on :frowning:

Do not know someone with a PI, so I can’t test #2 out.


Make sure the SD card is firmly in place, it needs to be pushed in. If that doesn’t help, and you have an extra SD card, try downloading a new copy of the system and try with it.


Already done that. Even with the new SD card, it is not working.


I would try one more thing. Download the latest verion of NOOBS, install it on teh SD card and see if that will run. If it doesn’t then you may have a bad PI.


Thanks for the suggestion.

Just try that, downloaded the latest version of NOOBS, installed it on the SD card, still no respond, nothing is running! Just blue to black screen :frowning: Okay, I am now pretty sure I got a bad PI.


send a email note to


Thanks. I will do that.


We have had the same problem and need a new SD card sent. We tried to do the re-burn to the SD card but now we don’t get any boot up. We would like a new card sent. Not able to get this to work at all. Kim


Yay!! Piper is up and running!!! I downloaded the software and installed it onto a new microSD card. Trick was to use Chrome for the download (7 gigs of software!) and to make sure the file was in the correct location for Terminal to find. If you have an Administrator password that is an extra step to the instructions, too. Onward!!!


Finally got my piper in hand, got it built and i get the same blue to black screen. Don’t know anyone with a Raspberry Pi at hand, so all I can do is troubleshoot with this one.

  • Tried hooking up to the TV with supplied cable, nothing.

  • Tried hooking up to TV with a different HDMI, nothing.

  • Tried downloading the OS and reimaging the supplied SD card, no dice.

  • Imaged a new SD card with the OS, nothing.

  • Tried downloading and installing NOOBS, nothing happening.

Running out of things to try, I think my pi is dead. Super frustrating, my nephews were OK sharing one piper for now but they keep asking me if I’ve figured out how to fix it yet. Anything else I can try???


Same issue here. My boys were each given a Piper for Christmas from their grandparents. One works like a charm, the other has the same Blue to Black screen issue as others. I have tried everything everyone else has except reformatting the SD card. The only other thing to add is that I noticed the Board on the screen side isn’t very elevated off the back of the screen so that the HDMI plug is coming in at a bit of an angle due to the thickness of the wooden frame? Please add me to the list of those needing a new SD card. Thanks


@seanevan since you got two pipers, did you try

  1. taking the pi that works and using it with the other screen to see if it is the screen and
  2. taking the SD card from the pi that works and putting it in the pi that doesent and seeing if it works?
  3. make sure the HDMI cable is all teh way in.