Blue to black screen


The screen going blue and then appearing to turn off is perfectly normal. Try the following sequence to start your Piper software:

  1. plug the screen into the power pack while leaving the pi unplugged. The screen will go blue and then appear to turn off.

  2. now plug the pi into the power pack. You should see 4 raspberry pi logos and some text start to print to screen. This is the initial loading sequence and should launch you into piper after several seconds.


  • Jordan

No wifi connection? WEP 64?

I’m having this same problem. I attempted these steps, but it did not resolve the issue. I also checked to be sure that the hdmi cable was connected to both the screen and the raspberry pi. The screen just remains black after it turns from blue. The lights are coming on on the raspberry pi, so I know that it is getting power. I’ve also checked that the hdmi connections were snug. The sd chip is in.


@jdonley83 could you take a short video or even a picture of what is happening so we can help diagnose the issue please?

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I have the same problem, already tried this fix but didn’t work.
I tried the screen with other devices and it works fine, I tried the Pi on another screens and it doesn’t work.

Please advice, Pi looks DOA.



Sorry, can’t upload the video, but basically I follow the instructions above, I see the blue screen it goes black, I plug the Raspberry and I see two leads on it’s corner, one red, one green but nothing else.



Ours is doing the samething my husband is trouble shooting it and thinks that the raspberry pi isn’t working


Have the very same issue… Have red and green LED on the Pi … Blue to black screen… Did the above and no joy :disappointed:


Actually… Troubleshooting found the Microsoft card to be faulty. Will get anew one, image it and we should be off to the races!!


@Pavlyukovskyy Here is the video you requested. I hope it helps. :smile:


Let me know if this does the trick. :smile:


Have the same problem, something is wrong with the card, Is there a way to get a replacement?


How do we put in to request a new SD card? Have the download link from a different post and am going to drop it into a new SD card… But would like a new one… Will let you know if this does the trick but the card was cracked …


We achieved some success by pushing in the SD card. As shipped, it’s placed in its slot but not fully inserted. An extra push with a pen or pencil gets it to the click point. Still working to get to the game…but it’s all an adventure!


UPDATE! We swapped out the HDMI cable and were able to get into the game. Got onto our Wifi network and an update installed automatically. After that, on a hunch, we shut down, put the supplied green HDMI cable back in place, and started up again. Presto! Everything’s now working great!

Maybe the cable had been somehow kinked before. I did change the direction of the cable when reinstalling (swapping which end goes into the pi); dunno if that made a difference, but something did. :smile:


Jordan’s fix doesn’t fix the Piper we got. Darn!!! I also disassembled the screen to reverse the hdmi cable and also to make certain that it is fully/properly inserted (totally is!) AND… Still doesn’t work. JDonley’s video is the same as what I’d capture…


We are still having issues. Turns out the SD card that came was cracked slightly- replaced with a known good SD card and followers the image download protocols given in a separate post. We got a partial boot but ran into kernel issue… Any thoughts?



My husband has tried all of the suggestions listed in the section blue to black screen with no success. He believes that it may be the SD card. Please advise


Hi guys, we will ship you new SD cards in a week, but in the meantime you can try 3 quick fixes:

  • as mentioned above, make sure the SD card is inserted all the way in
  • make sure everything is plugged in, and then unplug and reconnect the Pi power source. This is the smallest cable. Usually it is best to power the Pi on as the last step.
  • if nothing is working, just re-burn the SD card with the instructions from this post: Help, Blank SD Card?


I’ll have to try out a few of these things after work tonight with my son. Maybe we’ll have the same luck. :wink: