Blue screen then black screen

Hi there,
My daughter assembled her new piper on xmas morning. When opening the battery pack, the screen turns blue then black. Tried removing and reinserting sd card, but with no success.
I think the issue is with the pi card, from other comments on the forum.
I am unqualified to download the link.
So, would it be possible to get a new pi card, or isntructions to use.
My daughter is very disappointed, it is the only gift she got from Santa, as it is quite expensive. Do you think the delivery could be expedited?
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could you make sure the battery has a full charge. Plug it into a charger, give it a couple hours and try again.

We had the exact same problem when we turned on Piper for the first time! It turned out that the HDMI cable was not inserted far enough into HDMI slot on the back of the display. The problem is that the slot is too tight to fully insert the HDMI connector by just pushing it in. We took the display off again and carefully wiggled the connector back and forth to get it in about 2/3 of the way. That was enough for the display to function. Please give it a try, good luck!

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Make sure she has the monitor and computer plugged into the battery. There is 1 HDMI cable coming from under the monitor compartment and a usb plug. The usb plug has to be installed directly into the battery and not plugged into the computer itself.

Sorry if double posted, was trying to help but the forum won’t actually post any of my responses so no idea if they are going through or not. Anyway, make sure you plug monitor usb directly into the battery 2.1 amp port.

We experienced exactly the same as ochrist.

Yes! We even make that mistake ourselves sometimes in the office. Just make sure it is plugged in all the way behind the screen!


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Well I try and try… I’m afraid that if I push any harder I will break everything. What do I do?

Hi @Zaphod111,

Please check the screen troubleshooting guide here. Also, if you see a red light followed by blinking green lights on the Pi, then please try a different HDMI cable if you have one and/or plugging in the Pi to a different monitor or TV. This will help determine which piece of hardware is the issue.


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