Blue button not connecting

We are stuck early in the setup process. Two of our buttons connected but the blue is a bust. We tried repeatedly for a few weeks, no avail. Could it be defective button or defective breadboard? Please advise. My 9 yo daughter is in a holding pattern. :slight_smile:

try using the black button in place of the blue button and see if it works. If it does, then the blue button may be bak. You can pull the blue cover off the bad button and off the black button and swirth them (the buttons are the same).

Then send an email to Tommy@withpiper.com and tell him you have a bad button.

Hi @Tereza @Paul,

I didn’t get an email yet asking for a new button. Is it safe to assume the buttons are working now?


Hey Tommy, apologies for my delayed reply. This note got lost in my spam. Unfort that blue button has never worked, so the kit hasn’t either.

Hey there – sorry, saw this belatedly. We’ll try that late this afternoon and if it doesn’t work email Tommy. Thanks!!!

We have the same problem. In initial set up … 8 yo has persevered for an hour but now given up. The blue button won’t connect … tried the black and the yellow … still no connection … switched the blue wires for black wires … still no connection … no idea what we’re doing HELP image

Hi Jyckel,

Could you please send a picture of your Raspberry-Pi with blue and green wires connected?


  • Jordan


Is this ok?

We don’t know what else to try. Daughter has gone from excited to frustrated to disinterest … :cry: she’s actually put everything in the box and put it away…

Ok so the blue button has lost a metal prong … I’m guessing this is the problem?

That sounds like ou found the issue. send a message to hi@playpiper.com and tell them and I’m sure they will send you a new one. In the meantime, you can use the black one and you shoud be able to pop the blue and black caps off and switch them.

Hi @Jyckel,

If you touch the two blue wires together does it work? Have you tried another button? And yes, we’d be happy to send you a new button.


  • Jordan