"Best Christmas Present EVER!"


I just wanted to say THANK YOU. Piper is truly amazing! Ours arrived today and our 10 year old daughter wasted no time building the box, powering it up and starting to play! She loves it. I think the thing she loves most is that there are no step-by-step instruction manuals and she has had to figure it all out on her own. My only regret is that we didn’t buy two more for my husband and I each to have our own :slightly_smiling: As she’s been building hers and figuring out the wiring and levels, anytime we start to “interfere” we get a very stern “Hey! Don’t touch! This was my gift; it’s my toy! I’m building this myself!” It was also almost impossible to get her to turn it off and go to bed.


Congratulations! Was her screen always this clear or was it fuzzy and snowy in the very beginning? I am just wondering because ours looks like it has lots of static, with a mainly green color. I didn’t know if it became clearer as the electronics activities are completed. She looks like a pro!


@Camicazi can you take a picture of the screen issues you are having please?


@heathc looks great! Your daughter looks like she is off to a great start :slight_smile:


Hi Camicazi - the screen is working great for us so far (it is my photography skills that are lacking :-)). We did have some glitches early on but it appeared to be a result of not having plugged the screen cable in tightly enough.


She is really loving it. The fungi level was a challenge for her. She got the buttons all wired up and working without a problem, but placing the blocks in the game to get up to the exit was really challenging! Even I had some trouble figuring out the orientation and placement. Eventually she got out of there, but it took several tries, a few long breaks doing something else to let her mind wander (which included a trip to the local electronics store because she insisted on rewiring the yellow controller button with yellow wires instead of black wires to be consistent with the colour coding like the other buttons are) , and then coming back and doing some very creative brick placing to make quite the convoluted path up there.


Yes, we found that out too! We had to tighten in the cables some more and the screen became much clearer, then retighten throughout the game when it became less clear again.



I will the next time we are using it. We finally figured out a few things, such as that we needed to push in the cables more to make the screen more clearer, then keep pushing the cables during the game when the screen became fuzzy again. My daughter was able to start working through the first electronics assignment with the buttons, but we ended up having to take all the buttons off and wires because of the following issues: 1. We became confused with the correct button order, we thought it was from left to right: black button with a red and blue wire, yellow button with two black wires to substitute for yellow wires, then I forget the order for the arrow button, I thought it was blue, red, and green, with their coordinating wires, but we will have to re-watch the video either today or tomorrow. 2. Does it matter exactly how you place the wires into the Raspberry Pi? Meaning that for the black button, for example, if it’s supposed to be on the far left, then the red and blue button should be in the first slot on the left inside the Raspberry Pi? My daughter was doing it the opposite, because she put the green button in the first hole on the far right side, then place the wires in the first slot in the far left side of the Raspberry Pi, so that by the time she got to the red and blue wires for the black button on the far left side, she had trouble placing the two wires in the Raspberry Pi on the far right side, so that is why we had to take them all out, she was being stubborn about it! So that is why I was maybe asking, I know it’s a little bit like cheating because their supposed to find out all this on their own, but if someone could maybe post the right button order, or give a little advice about this, that would be great, or maybe explain if you right click on a chest with a wrench, and how to replay the assignment entirely that you would like to watch again. Thanks for any help!



My son announced that he was going to follow the instructions exactly so that he wouldn’t get confused. Seems he didn’t want help from dad… I’m gonna trust that he got them correct as I can move around in the game.

To keep this answer from being buried in this post, I’m posting it as “Connecting the buttons to the GPIO header”

Spoiler alert! I’ll be giving away the first 4 buttons on the controller!