Beat the Buzzer.... coding question


I am currently working on coding “Beat the Buzzer” and I am stuck.

The function “to disp with:lights” is not an option on the menu. I see the function “to do something” and can change it to disp. I cannot figure out how to add the “with: lights” or if there is a function that should have it already included.

Can someone help me?

Bow not shooting

have you worked thru all the prior samples?


That’s it. I had skipped the one previous. Thanks for the help.


I have the same problem as dixiehelle reports. We did all the previous samples, though and still did not get the function “to disp with:lights” as an option on the menu. What to do?



If the functions in beat the buzzer have gone missing, you can recreate them yourself. In this case, we need to create a “display” function that accepts the “lights” argument.

First create the display function. Drag the generic “do something” function from the function menu and then rename it to “display”.


Second create the “lights” argument. Click the gear icon of the function. Drag an Input name into place and rename it “lights”.


Now you should have the Display: Lights function call ready to go. Drag it from the function menu.


Please let me know if this solution worked for you!