Battery trouble


Hello all, looking for help with a battery issue. Our Piper was part of the original ship. We recently charged the battery (we believe the charge was successful b/c no lights show and the “flashlight” works and shines strongly) but it is no longer turning on the device. All connections have been 2x checked, etc., and we have no known trauma to the device, etc.

Our battery’s only “response” to a button press (besides turning on the flashlight) is a right to left (when USBs are up) run of light blue lights in the LED row.

Is our battery kaput? Or are we doing it wrong? Previous recharges have worked fine. Thanks!


FWIW here is a photo of our battery.


It’s quite possible the battery’s life has been used up. Have you tried plugging something else in to see if that thing works with the battery?