Battery Note Charging


Hi! I’m new to Piperbot, and our battery isn’t charging. It was plugged in all day and overnight and there still doesn’t seem to be a charge! We’d love to get some help, my students are super bummed that they can’t play with piperbot!


Hi, send a support request at this link


In the mean time, you could always use micro usb phone chargers plugged into the wall, given they meet the power requirements.There are several threads on the raspberry pi forums about this. Here is the table of power requirements for each device.

I would advise you to look into making sure the chargers and cables meet the requirements of your specific pi to avoid any possible damage. In general, it should be fine, but I would stick to better safe than sorry.

I know it’s not ideal, but it may get them playing while you await a new battery from Piper.