At boot time, stuck on fsck forever


Hello. My son made good progress in story mode but at some point while he was playing the battery died and now at bootup it is stuck on fsck. Is there any way to bypass fsck? We have tried waiting for hours for fsck to finish, with no progress. I hooked up a USB keyboard and tried various key combinations (after rebooting several times) but it always gets stuck on fsck.

Whatever the solution is, I’m hoping my son doesn’t have to start story mode over from the beginning.


I have solved the issue by digging around in this forum’s history. However I don’t think it has ever been put together in a complete series of steps:


  • bought a new 16GB Micro SD card at the store (it came with the SD adapter necessary to plug it into my PC.

  • downloaded Etcher (as described elsewhere in this forum)

  • downloaded the 1.0.6 Piper OS

  • flashed my new Micro SD card with the downloaded piper OS (-> NOTE: I had to append the .img suffix to the image file name in order for Etcher to recognize it as an OS image)

  • once the SD card flash was complete, inserted it into the Piper computer (with the contacts facing up) and booted up

  • connected a USB keyboard to the Piper computer

  • once booted all the way up, pressed the “power button” icon on the screen and chose “Exit to Desktop”

followed the instructions in the following thread to unlock the Story Mode levels my son had already completed:

[SOLUTION] To unlock the levels, please open the file manager and navigate to /home/pi/piper/userData. In the unlockedLevels.txt file, please change the number to 9. In addition, please navigate into the playData folder here and change the value in the highestLevelPlayed.txt file to 9. If you have any permissions errors, you can click on the update button (which will fix the permissions when finished) or you can open a terminal and type “sudo chown pi:pi -R piper/” followed by enter/return and then re-try the above edits.


Glad you figured it out. What probably happened is that when teh battery died, teh Pi had open files and they got corrupted. This is also why you should never just power off the battery. You should always use the power off option on the main menu.

I hope you have as much fun teaching your son what to do as he has playing it. For halloween, I got another Pi and some servo moters and a skeleton head and a PIR sensor (the white domed sensor that comes with Piper) and had the jaw move when someone came near it. I actually wrote some code to talk to another Pi which was connected to a speaker and had it speak as the jaw was moving. However, my 2 years old grandson did not like it and made me put it to sleep. The other grandsons loved it.


Thanks for these ideas, that’s inspiring!


Can I ask a follow up question, I don’t know very much about SD cards but have the sense that they come in different read/write speeds. Are there any SD card (speeds) that are recommended for running Debian linux / Piper OS?


My preferred brand is the Samsung MicroSDHC 16GB EVO Memory Card. I just bought a couple directly from Samsung for $6.99 each


Hi Paul

we are loving the Piper, so much so that my son has been building elaborate
structures and dwellings in some of the existing minecraft worlds like

But here’s the problem - whenever we click “Ok” when it asks us to Update
to a new Piper version, it seems to completely overwrite the worlds. We
lost hours and hours of Minecraft work this way and he was quite upset.

I figured out where in the filesystem all the worlds are stored, but it’s
too late, the things he lovingly and meticulously built in the Volcano
world are lost. Isn’t there some better way to update the Piper
environment? Can you just have the update add new worlds, but leave the
existing ones untouched?



I think with version 2, Minecraft worlds WILL be saved ofver updates. I’ve sent a message to teh Piper guys to check ot that and will let you know.


Hi @piperdad,

Sorry to hear about that and we are aware that user imported worlds (but not user created worlds) do indeed get overwritten upon updating. We are working on a fix for this for the next update (hopefully released this week).

Thanks for the post,

  • Jordan


Hi Jordan. Can you please let us know what is the status for this fix. My son still hasn’t gotten over the destruction of the world that he worked on for so many hours and poured so much love into. He created elaborate rooms for each person in our family, and all of that work has evaporated.

I think it’s great what you guys are doing but one thing to remember is that you are specifically marketing to kids, and they are much less tolerant of their work just disappearing like this than adults are.


Hi @piperdad,

We greatly apologize again for that experience and truly understand how difficult this must have been on you all. Given the way our current update system works and for technical reasons, imported worlds (specifically) are overwritten on system update so that we have the opportunity to provide any potential new imported worlds to the user. As mentioned, we are working on a solution for this that will be included in the next update, but in the meantime you can take the following measures to save any imported worlds specifically (user created and other worlds will be saved and not overwritten):

1. Exit the game to desktop and open the file manager (menu --> accessories --> file manager)

2. If there is a particularly favorite imported world, you can COPY (please do not CUT) the folder from piper/game/levels/worlds/importedWorlds/minecraftWorlds and paste it into piper/game/levels/worlds/userWorlds/minecraftWorlds and give the folder a new name. This will create a new planet in the level select menu and will not be overwritten on update.

Alternatively, the next time you are prompted that an update is available, make a backup of the imported worlds folder and then paste any or all worlds back in after the update.

After the next update, all updates moving forward will not overwrite the contents of the importedWorlds folder.

Thanks so much for your patience, understanding and continued support!

  • Jordan