Alternate Power source, DOA battery, dying, short life, no charge


Hi All,

I just got a Piper kit and the battery was dead, but my son wanted to start playing right away…so quickly I used a spare battery pack I had on hand that I usually use for my phone while Pokemon Go’ing. Anyway I did some research and you can actually power this Pi by plugging it into the wall! Using something like this:

You still need a separate power source for the display, but that doesn’t take that much so the battery is still fine. Or we plugged ours into a TV but it looked a little funny and wasn’t reliable. Computer monitor might be better.

Anyway…the specs for the Pi say that you just need a power source that can supply 5 volts and up to 2.5 Amps. I’ve read others that use their phone charger, but that only supplies 1A of power so the Pi cuts out if the current spikes, which I’m guess happens when you start Minecrafting really hard!

Anyway good luck everybody! Merry Christmas!

If you have a battery that works, make sure you charge that sucker!


Hi, might we get a word from Piper regarding the use of an in-wall power supply? What would be the best to use for the screen? We have just put our Piper together, and are already seeing issues with the battery life of the power supply.


You want at least a 2 Amp wall wart. The screens pull more amps than the pi does. You can buy a spliter if you need to (That link is for example - I’ve never bought from them) or use two wall warts - one for the pi and one for the screen.