Airplane Carry-On?


I am planning to travel by airplane in a few days and I’d like to bring my daughter’s brand new Piper. I’m not worried so much about security as DURABILITY. Can I put the assembled Piper box in a carry-on bag? I worry about the parts rattling around inside the box. Do I need to put styrofoam or bubble wrap in there? It seems like the Pi, along with the speaker, the battery pack, the component box, and the control box are not very securely attached to the main case. Some of the things are snapped in place, but that speaker, battery, and mouse can slide around quite a bit. Has anyone had any damage when they carry the box like this? I’d have to put it inside of my backpack, so it would be oriented vertically, not horizontally. So the top and bottom of the box would be facing forwards and backwards, respectively, not up and down like they’re supposed to. Any thoughts?


take a look at this thread about taking it on a plane


Thanks, Paul. Yes, I saw that thread, but no one really discussed the question of securing the pieces inside the kit, whether bubble wrap (or something similar) would be helpful, and whether it’s a problem carrying inside of a backpack and putting it in sideways or vertically, rather than the usual right side up orientation with the “PIPER” letters facing upwards (instead of frontwards like it is inside my backpack).

Also, I was concerned that if I added my question to an almost 2-year-old thread, then it might not be seen by anyone. As I’m new here, I wasn’t sure if threads with new comments get bumped up to the top or not. Some forums do a better job with that than others.


There shouldn’t be a problem with pieces moving around, but if you are concerned, using some foam or bubble wrap would help keep the rattling down :grin:

Alse storing t sideways shouldn’t be a problem. The kit is pretty sturdy.

Have a great trip!


Thanks, Paul. I just arrived a few hours ago with the Piper intact! I ended up putting the assembled kit into my backpack vertically, carried it on the plane, it got jostled around between the car trips to and from airports, by hotel bellhop, and even a little by me. But in the end, the kit survived unscathed!

And PS, I breezed through the TSA security line at the airport. They x-rayed my backpack, but didn’t even ask any questions about it, let alone ask me to take it out of the bag, etc.

Thanks again for all of your help!