After update piper boots to linux desktop but icons don't launch

Just updated yesterday. Now the piper boots to the linux desktop, it shows 2 icons, piper and piper code.

When I click on them, the cursor changes to an hourglass briefly, but then nothing launches.

Is there a way to repair?

Try the suggestions in this thread: [Devs] Fix to most Piper issues


ran the repair script and I was able to launch piper.

It told me I needed to update, I clicked ok, it seemed to get stuck at 3% and exited.

Tried to update 2 more times, screen went black with flashing cursor in the top left.

Now when I boot I see the linux boot sequnce in the console, then the screen goes black with the flashing cursor.

Ohhh, I think the quickest fix would be to download the latest version and reflash the sad card