After an initial good start... Now What?


We bought the Piper for Christmas last year and my son has enjoyed going through the whole story… Now that we are finished we are wondering… whats next? we are not experienced enough to go straight into coding and building for ourselfs and would ideally like to continue the story within Minecraft. Having a look at the activity on the site it appears that not much has occured in the ongoing development since late 2017/early 2018…
Is someone able to please let me know if there are plans to continue the journey and assist in continuing building the skills learnt so far? Ideally within in the Minecraft game… My son really enjoyed that… but perhaps to the next level.

I would be disappointed to think that after the money we spent, and an initial great initial experience we are now looking wondering whats next after only a few months.

Thanks in advance with this.


Here is one thing you could do, go get a copy of ‘Hacking and Making in Minecraft’. You can download a PDF copy here:


I feel exactly the same. I got it for my son at Christmas and he loved it. Excited building it, then playing it… Now he did all the levels… He says his progress never saves and doesn´t want to use it any more… I don´t know anything about programing so I feel very unsatisfied in how much I spent and the time of use that got out of it… :frowning:


Thanks for the suggestion Paul but it does not really answer the question.
What I do read into the reply is that no further development is planned and that I’m now out on my own… It would be a shame of this was the case. If your suggesting that I now go on to raspberry pi than I might as well sell the Piper and reinvest in a proper pi rig.

I would have thought there was a business opportunity to further engage a loyal customer base with additional moduals and challenges and extend the life of the Piper.


I don’t know what to say. I am not an employee of Piper, just someone who started off with pi’s when they first came out and joined the Piper Kickstarter when it first came out and has tried to help others on the forum (I use to do tech support). I thought Piper was a great idea and my grandson had loved with it.

However it seems to me that Piper has probably reached it’s end of life. I base this on the non-response of anyone from Piper on the forums, the last blog post put up on thier website was December 15, 2017(over 7 months ago as of when I write this) and I’m not getting responses to email that I send them directly.

Given all that I think it’s dead though I hope someone from Piper will read this and correct me with actual dates of when an update will come out.


Apologies Paul. I thought you were a representative. I appreciate your thoughts and hope someone from Piper does comment


Hi bxhj, this thread was brought to my attention and I wanted to make sure to answer it personally. I’m Mark, the founder of Piper and I wanted to recognize that we missed the mark with not making you and other customers and supporters aware of all the exciting new developments we have planned for later this year. We’ve had quite a few changes to our team and leadership structure internally and in the process we took our eyes off the ball. We will be much better about posting updates and new projects on our social media and email channels. Some of the projects you can do now with Piper include PiperCode, which is 7 coding projects done in Blockly. Here’s a link to it:
And you can download it hitting the update button on your home screen.
We also have a few projects you can do with Piper on our blog:

Please reach out to me directly over a call or email and we would love to have you and your son be early beta testers of some of the new products we’re developing and hope to release this year.

Thank you,



Hey Paul, we really appreciate all the work you’re doing on the forums, helping out other Piper kids and parents! We would love to engage you more and maybe even have you join the team remotely to help us with some of the engagement and support you’ve been so good at. If you’re interested, can you please reach out to me directly via email or call?

Thank you,



Hi Mark.

Thanks for the update and for the reassurances of the updates… I’ll check it out tomorrow and see how it goes. I have seen some of the earlier blogs of additional projects but did not think they were sufficiently documented for us to try them. Happy to be a beta tester at some stage… please let me know what we can do to assist.



Hi Paclyukovskyy,

We did not update the piper recently (last check 3 months ago I guess), and already have the pipercode: my daughter loved it and followed the projects, even if she doesn’t speak English!.
What she would be very glad to have, is new projects in the PiperCode: do you know if there is a place where we can find more ?



Seems to be a common question. Apparantly there is a new image and am trying to download to investigate.


Hi Mark… Just revisiting this post after a few attempts. I dont seem to be able to find your 7 coding projects using blocky at the site you linked us too ( Can you please provide the direct link to this part of the website.
I am also interested in any plans to build out the piper adventure further with additional challenges at a more advanced levels…
Thanks in advance.


I beleive the coding projects are the ones in PiperCode. Have you used Piper Code yet?