Adjusting edit window in Piper Play Block programming

Is there any way to adjust the size of the windows in the Block editor? I am trying to write the Simon program and the blocks are so long that I have to keep scrolling them back and forth. I’d like to get rid of the program description for the current step and use the space for the block display. Is that possible?

I am using version 2.4.5b78 that I recently downloaded.


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On the right side of the screen you have the directions. On the left sice of the directions sidebar you will see one or more tab. If you click on the active tab, it will minmize the sidebar giving more space to work in.

I hope that helps :grinning:

Hint: use a phone to take a photo of the reference code to make it easier to look at while coding

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That helps a lot! Thanks.

I minimized the directions and switched to the python code. I entered a long command, eg.

Sorry. The editor accidently send my reply.

note = “C4”
fn = “sounds/piano/Piano_” + note + “.wav”

The second line got cut off after the “a” in Piano. If I use the right arrow to move across the line, I can scroll by the rest of the line. So it is there , just not being displayed. Is this my error, is it it a bug?

From looking through the community messages, the python part of Piper is not heavily used.

Hmmm you are right, It seems like the screen is divided at a point. I thought iit might be the space of the electronics image but it is not.

If you type in 1234567890 you can have 41 digits when the issue coccurs. Good Find! I’ll report it.

I couldn’t tell you how much the Python part is used but as you say, not much activity in the forum. But you did give me an idea and I have just created a category called Piper code and I’ll move this thread and a couple others, to it.

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