Accessing Creative Mode Worlds

(I’m elevating this quistion to a full topic, I had it buried in another post previously)

Hi - at what point are the creative worlds unlocked? None of my students had completed Return to the Cheeseteroid, but some of them were able to access the creative worlds (Hogwards, Avatar) and some weren’t. Since they are all getting stuck at Breadboard Bluffs I’m letting them play in creative worlds to alleviate frustration.


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We are all stuck in breadboard bluffs too. Not sure if it’s got a bit of a glitch. We restart it and do the same thing and get different outcomes.
Sorry, I know this isn’t answering your question, but we are stuck in the same place too, so hoping you get an answer

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Hi @carrisima and @Farnie1,

The creative worlds are unlocked after beating some of the story mode levels (TNT to be specific).

For the breadboard level, it’s certainly one of our most challenging levels but we promise it can be beat! Make sure inside the toaster that you are connecting the wires properly.



Thanks Tommy! This is exactly what I wanted to know. I’ll make sure my students all get through the TNT level.

@Farnie1 There’s a separate topic about the Breadboard Bluffs difficulties here: Glitch on Breadboard Bluffs Story Level?

Maybe something in there will help you!

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