1amp USB port not working


The 1amp USB port on the battery has stopped working after only a month. The battery is fully charged (all blue lights on) and the other USB port (2.1amp) works for both screen and pi.
I’ve tried charging my iPhone from both the Piper battery pack and only the 2.1amp port works. No response from the 1amp port.
Any advise?


send an email explaining the issue to tommy@playpiper.com


Hi Paul, we are having the same problem with our battery pack as well. 2.1A side works fine, but 1A side seems to have stopped working, the unit does not power up at all when plugged into this side, no light comes on (battery is at full charge, four bars). Our Piper was purchased around Dec last year. Does this mean that side is permanently not working anymore? Thank you!


Hi Minasami,
Send a email to hi@withpiper.com explaining the issue.