Translation of subtitles?



Is the dutch translation allready available on the piper ?

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Not yet! If you’ve created one we would be so thrilled to upload it into our game.

Please let us know!



hi tommy,

I allready did the translation
please see link

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Or what i meant is i got the translation of the subtitles in dutch


@Stijn Thank you so much!



Any update regarding german subtitles?
Do i still need to change this in the .py files or is the text now stored in separate language-files? (which would make it a lot easier to translate in many other languages :wink: )
Did the Python scripts change from version 1.0.2 to the latest one (2.20) ?


Hi @brabbelbot,

The files are located in ~/piper/ game/localization

You can make a copy of the English files (subtitles, chats and ui) prior to editing them to include German. Just add the German translations after each “:” per line of the the chats and ui files. For the subtitles, just replace the English lines entirely. The python for story mode has changed a bit since v1.0.2.


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thanks for the info - i already found the files and are translating them now ;).
I am so glad there is

I wanted to add the german subtitle, not replace the english one if possible - let’s see if i find all the files that needs to be changed to do that. But as quick solution your way seems to be the faster one.

Would be great if you could include the german translation in the next version - i guess there are also others who would find this helpful. You could provide it as “beta” if you don’t want to support this officially - but this would make it a lot easier for everybody to translate it by themselves.

I will share all the files when ready…



Hi Stijn,

thanks for creating the Dutch files - it was pushed to the backburner because of more urgent priorities.

I am not a Piper/Rasberry Pi expert - would you mind letting me know how I can add them to our Piper so that my son can play with the system more easily?

thank you!