Screen is White


Hi, I have a problem with my screen. When I turn on the battery, the screen turns white. I know the Raspberry Pi is working because I have successfully hooked it up to a TV. I have tried the following:

-Taking out the orange ribbon cable and putting it back in.
-Disconnecting and re-connecting the HDMI cable.
-I also removed the screen and put it back in.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


Did it ever work?
If so what happened before it stopped working?


Hi @SKCro,

As Paul asked, was it ever working? Have you tried a different HDMI cable with the screen?


  • Jordan


Thanks Paul and Jordan,

I think I figured out what happened. As I was looking at the orange ribbon cable, I noticed that the tab that holds it into the chip behind the screen appears to be loose/broken. What can I do?


Hi @SKCro,

Could you please provide a picture? We may need to send you a replacement screen in exchange for your current one (we don’t ship the display driver boards separately), but a piece of duct tape might suffice if loose (and the screen otherwise works).


  • Jordan