Important please read


Please don’t do any updates because they will mess up your SD card and you will need a replacement.:scream:


If viewed please reply


Why would you say not to do an update, I do them fequently and I reflash my SD cards frequently to test things. Did you have a problem doing an update? what exactly did you do?


Hi @Paul

Actually at one point I did an update on piper and it broke the SD card


Thats why iI’m getting a replacement


Interesting, I have yet to completely mess up aan SD card where I can’t re format it.


Hi @pipergamer,

So sorry to hear your SD card was corrupted. This can occasionally happen especially if you lose power during the update. However, new updates bring more Piper content and a more stable version of the game. If anything does go wrong, we are always here to help you through the update!