Cannot Get Sound to Work


@Greg yes, sound is on, volume set the whole way up before launching the Piper app. I can hear sound when Piper launches - the whole space shuttle launch video is quite loud. But once i click play in story mode and then select “Mars”, i get a lot of static and some very faint voices / dialog. this happens whether i use your speaker or a pair of ear buds.



Try editing the piper/game/config.txt file. The volume setting is in millibels and can range from -6000 (softest) to 0 (loudest).

You’d have to restart the game for it to take effect. Let me know if it works!


volume on (loudest setting) and speaker recharged with green light, and still can hear the music… as a matter of fact I think it actually plays the music but in a weird white noise version… you can hear the volume of the white noise changing sort of in sync with the intro video… I changed the config.txt to volume 0 and still the same… can’t hear the intro or the video in storymode/mars


Is the cable inserted all the way in? It can be kind of stiff in the beginning.


fixed… volume in the piper/game/config.txt was set to -5335. I changed it to -0100 and sound is now audible and clear. note that there is still some static and and high frequency noise that is audible when the videos are not playing.